Wafer bonding inspection (WBI ) equipment

Silicon is transparent for infrared (IR) light. Our IR light wafer bonding inspection device (WBI ) illuminates the silicon substrate from the back-side and captures the light that permeates the substrate. Therefore, it becomes possible to inspect phenomena between two silicon substrates, which are not visible from the outside.

Detail of the WBI.
Note that the drawer is adaptable to any wafer size.


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The idonus WBI (computer not shown).

Examples of inspection results

Examples of IR images: The first picture shows two silicon wafers after fusion bonding (picture courtesy of CSEM SA). The total thickness is 1.0 mm. The unbonded areas between the two wafers are visualized by the interference patterns. The second picture shows a bonding of pre-structured wafers. The regular pattern consists of etched cavities. The interference pattern at the border also indicates a bad bonding in this area.


Useful references

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DOI: 10.23919/LTB-3D.2017.7947431

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