Technical challenge:


idonus has expertise in the following areas:

  • HF vapor phase etching
  • Ion implantation
  • Machine vision measurement (telecentric optics)
  • Nonimaging optics: LED-based illuminations

HF VPE — We regularly design and manufacture customised VPE models derived from our standard products and adapted to customer specifications. If you are interested in our engineering solutions regarding HF vapor phase etching, you may first have a look at our VPE product line.

Ion implantation is a disruptive technology that finds application in surface treatment. idonus can provide (i) surface treatment services, as well as (ii) design and manufacturing of special machines based on ion implantation. For further details, check our dedicated page on ion implantation.

Machine vision — We can integrate measurement systems based on machine vision. Here, customers can rely on our expertise in the design of telecentric illuminations, as well as on our activity in the field of special machines.

Kleberoboter: An automated gluing station
This video shows an application involving machine vision and robot control.

Nonimaging optics — Our expertise in the development of LED-based illumination systems includes:

  • UV-LED exposure systems for photolithography, including the retrofitting of mask aligners (see our UV-EXP product line.)
  • LED-based telecentric illuminations (Visible + IR light)
  • Dedicated illumination systems for harsh environment

Retrofitting of a mask aligner [ Hg LED ]
This picture shows an EVG® 620 retrofitted with a UV-EXP150R.


Nonimaging optics: Solution brochure for large size LED illuminations (PDF).

Ion implantation: Download our flyer on surface treatment (PDF).